Real Stories of BioShock Odor Removal

These stories are real and recent customers of BioShock Odor Removal service. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients, but all other information is real. These are just a sample of the successes customers have had using BioShock treatment.

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Sasha purchased a 1,956 square foot townhouse in Clifton knowing that it smelled like cigarette smoke. She contracted BioShock to eliminate the odor. We began the treatment Saturday morning. After a day at her sister's, Sasha returned Saturday night to a clean, fresh smelling home. No more cigarette smoke odor!

BioShock Treatment: $1,369


curry-cooking odor

Mr Patel's 2,600 square foot townhouse in Chantilly, VA was on the market for one month with no offers. Visitors said they smelled stale cooking odors and curry. BioShock was contracted to eliminate the odor. After our professional cleaners performed a deep cleaning of the property we had the air ducts cleaned and then the BioShock Ozone treatment ran for 12 hours in the vacant house. The odor was finally gone and within 3 days, Mr Patel had received a full $445,000 offer on his home. 

Air Duct Cleaning: $795

Cleaners & BioShock Treatment: $1,504

Cat Urine Odor

Janice, a real estate agent, had a house to list for sale in Sterling, but it needed work first. The owner had lived there for 20 years, had 3 male cats. The 1,910 square foot house still had a strong cat urine odor even after being cleaned. The owner insisted the house "wasn't that bad" but Janice knew it would never sell. The cats had sprayed the walls, urinated on the hardwood floors, and in multiple places in the basement. Janice made one call to BioShock and we handled everything. With our partners we eliminated the odor by:

  • Removal of carpet and hardwood flooring from affected areas
  • Treating the cat spray and urine soaked areas with a liquid enzyme
  • Sealed the sub-floor and walls with a special paint where needed
  • BioShock Ozone treatment of the house including the HVAC system to sanitize and remove all odors
  • Installation of new hardwood flooring and carpet

Enzyme Treatment and Sub-floor Sealing: $1,850

Removal of flooring: $1,025

Installation of new flooring: $1,557

BioShock Treatment: $1,750

Sewer smell

Mark moved into his new 1 bedroom loft apartment and within days detected a lingering "sewer" like odor. The leasing office argued that there was no smell, the walls had been painted and floors redone and it was clean. Mark disagreed. He contracted BioShock for service. Within 8 hours, the smell was permanently removed. Mark would have preferred the apartment complex pay for the service, but decided the $500 minimum treatment price was worth it. No more sewer smell. 

BioShock Treatment: $500