About BioShock Odor Removal


It all started when…

Lisa and Joe Gregory, entrepreneurs and owners of other businesses, came across this green technology that uses Ozone gas to kill the bacteria and viruses that cause odors. Ozone has been used commercially for a long time to treat water, in mold remediation, to sanitize buildings and more. Now, as Lisa and Joe discovered, Ozone can be generated in large quantities using portable machines. That means it can be used to treat homes, apartments, cars, boats and more. 

In talking with real estate and property owners, Lisa and Joe realized this technology could solve a major problem - getting rid of odors in homes without expensive "knock-down, tear-out" solutions. Therefore, BioShock was started to permanently, safely and quickly eliminate odors for a fraction of the cost of other expensive and less effective solutions. 

We treat individual properties as well as whole communities and we stand by our work 100%! The results are fast and effective as Christina, a Long and Foster Realtor can attest. 

"BioShock removed smoke smell from a townhouse I was listing. The difference is remarkable! There is absolutely no smell of smoke at all, even with my client living in the home currently. The treatment was completed 12 hours prior to going on the market. We had over 70 groups into the home in 4 days and not ONE of them mentioned a smell in the home. This treatment provided my client with a quick sale. I am so glad to have this company in my back pocket for future use! Thank you!"

Here is what Patrick a property manager had to say about Bioshock, "Managing over 750 residential properties, we often get smoke and pet odors in houses and need a quick method of getting rid of it.  You cannot market a property that smells bad and every day of vacancy is money lost for my client.  This awesome company will come in - AFTER HOURS - and take care of any smell.  They will treat overnight so you can have an open house the next day.  This is really a great business!

Call us today to explore whether a BioShock treatment is right for your property. 703-763-7702 or email us at info@bioshock.us 

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