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Odor Removal that Breathes Life Into Your Home 

                                     Non-Toxic, non-chemical, green technology solution to eliminate odor and purify the air you breathe.


We Eliminate:

· Smoke odors (including cigar smoke, cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke odors)

· Pet urine and dander odors (including dog odors, cat odors, and bird odors)

· Cooking odors (including fish odors and curry odors)

· Other obnoxious & musty smells (including gym odors, sewer smells and other unidentifiable smells)

Permanent and safe Odor Removal

Our process does not mask the odor like air fresheners, but actually eliminates the odor completely, at it’s source! We utilize Ozone (O3) gas to penetrate every corner and crevice of your home literally killing odors at their source. Ozone is a safe environmentally friendly sanitizer that is naturally created by lightning. We have the ability to create large quantities of ozone using state of the art corona discharge generators.

Quick, Convenient and Effective

We remove odors from your entire house in a matter of a few hours while you are at work or away from your home.  You’ll return to a fresh smelling, clean, and healthy indoor environment free of viruses, germs, and other unhealthy pollutants.


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