Odor Removal Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

What do you do when you are ready to sell your home, but your real estate agent tells you it smells like curry and other cooking odors? You might think that a good professional cleaning would do the trick. Unfortunately, that isn't enough. Cooking odors get trapped in appliances, ventilation systems, on walls and ceilings, in carpet, in nooks and crannies. So, what do most homeowners do? There are a couple of common answers.

Some homeowners spend thousands of dollars to do their best to eliminate the odors. They clean, paint, replace appliances, replace flooring, clean ventilation systems, replace HVAC systems and more. Others take another approach to avoid that up-front expense.

These homeowners clean and then try to mask the odors with air fresheners. Most people who come through their home can still detect the smell and they choose not to buy the home. Finally, the homeowner finds a buyer who is willing to buy the home, odor and all, at a much reduced price. So, the homeowner sells and loses tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue from the sale. 

Homeowners who find BioShock can make a different choice - one that saves AND earns them tens of thousands of dollars. Mr Patel* was one such homeowner.

Mr Patel's 2,600 square foot house in Chantilly, VA was on the market for 1 month with no offers. Visitors said they smelled stale cooking odors and curry and they refused to buy the otherwise beautiful home. He and his real estate agent didn't want to drop the price of the home nor did Mr. Patel want to spend tens of thousands replacing otherwise good appliances and painting. Luckily, they found BioShock. We were contracted to eliminate the odor. We cleaned the air duct system then set up the BioShock treatment and ran it for 12 hours in the vacant house. We eliminated the odor and within 3 days, Mr Patel had received a full $540,000 offer on his home. The best part for him, in 4 days he had an offer and it cost him less than $2,200 to eliminate the odor problem.

Don't spend tens of thousands of dollars to eliminate odors. And, don't lose tens of thousands of dollars by reducing the price to sell your home with an odor. Instead, spend a fraction of that to both save and earn tens of thousands of dollars. Use BioShock's system to eliminate odors, quickly and very cost-effectively.

*Not his real name.