Odor Removal to Breathe New Life into your Home, Apartment, Building  and more.


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Odor Elimination Service
We Eliminate:
· Smoke odors
· Cooking odors (fish, curry, etc.)
· Day Care, Nursing Home odors
· Obnoxious & musty smells
· Pet urine and feces odors

Not Just Homes or Apartments!
We treat:
Cars, Boats, RVs, Locker Rooms, Gymnasiums, Crime Scenes, Smelly Air Ducts, Garages, Basements and more!

Eliminate Viruses, Bacteria and More!
Eliminate These Health Hazards:
· Toxic bacteria
· Viruses
· Germs
· Paint fumes
· Mildew
· Mold and mold spores
· Dust mites & their feces
· Post-fire & smoke odor irritants
· New construction or remodeling odor
· Other allergens


These pollutants are not masked or covered up by air fresheners.

!They are eliminated completely
Our Process
We utilize Ozone (O3) to penetrate every corner and crevice of your home literally killing odors at their source. Ozone is a safe environmentally friendly sanitizer that is naturally created by lightning.

We have the ability to create large quantities of ozone using state of the art corona discharge generators. This process does not mask the odor like air fresheners, but actually eliminates the odor completely at it’s source.
Our Service Area
We serve all of Northern Virginia.
How Long It Takes
We remove odors from your entire house in a matter of a few hours while you are at work or away from your home. 

You’ll return to a fresh clean odorless and healthy indoor environment free of viruses, germs, and other unhealthy pollutants.

Free Quotes
Allow us to come and give you a free quote on service for your home, car, apartment or other space that needs to be treated.

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